Muesli of the week: homemade crunchy granola - Today: peanut crunch granola with chocolate

Dear people, I can hardly believe it, but now it's already anniversary week! For 10 weeks I am happy to bless you (hopefully!) With new cereal creations for the weekend. I hope you have come to the taste in the meantime. It's me anyway and there's no end in sight for now. Spontaneously I think of 3-5 ideas. But I'm always open for suggestions and always like to tinker something new. The diversity is truly limitless.

To celebrate the anniversary week, I also created my own "Muesli of the Week" pin board at Pinterest. There you will find all the collected pictures and of course it will be maintained.

Let's go to the jubilee cereal. This is inspired by my favorite darling: Peanut Butter Cup by Ben and Jerry's. A dream in the mug. I could sit in it. The same applies to the chocolate peanut butter rabbit in it. Glorious. Although I do not really like peanut butter otherwise. I can only eat peanut butter and jelly toast in the US - I can not get it down here. And peanut sauces are often too obtrusive to me. Otherwise, I'm really a big fan of peanut flavor. So how do you get the ice into the cereal bowl?

For me, the full peanut flavor comes from peanut butter and roasted peanuts. Then there are still milk chocolate. Cream would be a bit too complicated. But milk in conjunction with the cereal comes quite close to the taste of ice cream.

I would highly recommend using a neutral peanut sauce. No sugared peanut butter, but pure peanut. Maximum, if not different, salt is allowed. And if available, take a piece of meat with a piece - for the extra crunch! Alternatively, you can mix your own peanut with peanuts with a powerful food processor. In the Thermomix works wonderfully and I have lightning fast fresh nut butter. Vitamix, Magimix, and whatever they are called, will probably do it well.

The roasted peanuts should also be unsalted if possible. Otherwise, it is advisable to rinse them in a sieve under running water and dab dry with kitchen paper. They are then roasted in the oven anyway anyway. Otherwise, the granola just becomes too salty and you have to use too much sugar to make up for it. If you do not get unsalted muses and unsalted nuts, feel your way to the amount of sugar and try the unprocessed muesli.