My (Drinking) Challenge 2018: For a week only water & 100,000 steps. Join us and get 1 of 3,000 free weekly supplies of mineral water from Gerolsteiner!

Contains promotion of more mineral water in our lives

2 015 I've done it before. And in 2018, I'll do it again: For a week, during the Gerolsteiner Wasserwoche, I will eat no other beverages except mineral water and herbal tea . That sounds special? Is it too - YAY! (Tasty food is of course still - do not worry!) A small review:

Three years ago, I was at the Trink Challenge mainly about one or the other not really great Habit to break through in my everyday life. And finally, drinking really enough water - since 60% of our bodies are water, according to the German Society for Nutrition, we should give them at least 2 liters a day to keep them working. That does not always work so completely. For me, the drinking challenge was the perfect occasion to get my taste off and to treat me to a very special "week in the week" despite the daily job and family business stuff. Meaning: Nix five cups of coffee on an empty stomach and in the evening a coping red wine on homecoming. For this, distribute at least 2.5 liters of mineral water throughout the day .

Why use mineral water? Mineral water is a natural, unprocessed product that is extracted from underground water resources and bottled directly at the source. Unlike bottled water or drinking water, it has original minerals such as minerals. Calcium or magnesium , which the body needs but can not produce itself. With mineral water you can easily and calorie-neutral contribute to the basic supply of the body with minerals.

What can I say - the whole thing has worked out fantastically for me: Through the regular, distributed throughout the day drinking, I had less Fancy snacks between meals and no cravings . I also noticed a small weight loss . I slept well and felt fresh and rested when getting up . That's a really good yield for a week, right? For that reason, I have easily transferred one or the other routine from the Water Week into everyday life . However, you may want to face unpredictable side effects with waiters, friends, and other people.

In 2018, everything will be even better: just water for a week. And 15,000 steps a day.

Read it correctly. In my new edition of the drinking challenge, I'd like to put on a bang this year . Since the beginning of the year, I've been working to make a difference in everyday life. And it's amazing how good that works! With a wrist pedometer and app on the phone , I track what time, how far and how many calories I use. (That's often a lot less frightening than you think!) During the 2018 Gerolsteiner Wasserwoche, I would like to drink not only 2.5 liters of mineral water every day, but also 15,000 steps every day > go back. In addition, keep a little calories in mind (for example, with these vegetable recipes).Excellent! For your drinking challenge, give away free Gerolsteiner 3,000 weekly supplies of mineral water

You would also like to do something for you and for a week from 14 to 20 May Break through everyday routines ? Fantastic! To ensure that you are well supplied with mineral water during the water week and can drink 2.5 liters of water per day, Gerolsteiner provides 3,000 weekly supplies of mineral water for free . From 3 April 2018 anyone who wants to join can register here. Among all entries until 29 April, Gerolsteiner will then draw a prize draw for the weekly supply of mineral water, mineral water or natural. Each winner will receive a total of 18 liters, divided into four six-packs in the 0.75 liter bottle - ideal for on the go.

Note: Weekly supplies of bottled water are sent by post for safety reasons PET bottles shipped. If this is not an option for you, you can of course also get the mineral water in the usual deposit boxes with glass bottles and so participate in the water week.

So that no one alone has to fight against his inner bastard gives there support in the network.

Together, everything is easier! So, connect to the Drinking Challenge best with me and many others, documenting your progress and achievements, asking questions and discussing what moves you. On the action page, in the Facebook group or on Instagram and under #water project week, you'll meet a lot of like-minded people and find information and support . If you like, you can also download the Water Week App for iOS & Android.

What does it look like? Are you motivated? Can you imagine drinking only mineral water for a week? Do you also want to do certain things to break a bad routine? I'm curious. And I'll keep our fingers crossed for all of us!