Very British and not only for tea time, but also for Sunday breakfast a treat: scones with raspberries, pistachios and white chocolate

Two weeks ago I was once again able to make a professional trip to London and Kensington after the time at the fair. You have already been able to follow my shopping and entertainment tips on Instagram and Twitter. A culinary travelogue for the corner I had already written last year.
The classic souvenirs from the last day in England is always fresh clotted cream. I have seen in Germany so far only in special British shops, but never in a normal supermarket. Even in England, I had to go to bigger supermarkets to get clotted cream.
She's just the perfect scones companion, and scones are perfect for Sunday breakfast because they're freshly made without much effort. If you like, you can still enjoy jam or jam, but often this is superfluous due to the taste of the scones. At least I think so.
And want to convince you with the following recipe.

Juicy raspberries meet crisp pistachios and sweet white chocolate in my scones today. That's a really fantastic trio, I can tell you!
I just used my super simple scones recipe and added the ingredients. And you know, within half an hour plus a little bit of stirring, you have fresh scones on the breakfast table.
Try them out - these scones taste really good!

Otherwise, I'll make that Always dough to a bottle and slice it into "cake pieces" for the shape. This time I simply rolled out the dough and made a go with a serving ring. It's just as easy, but it looks a little fancier!

Here's my recipe for the Blueberry Cream Scones with step-by-step instructions.
Here's my recipe for the quince- Maple syrup and almond scones