My 10 best ideas for your Easter brunch (or just to relax with the family)

O star we always celebrate in our family very relaxed - mostly on the Baltic Sea. Hanging out together (the child would probably prefer to "chill out"), long walks, beach chair cuddling with the - hopefully - first warm sunshine and lots of sand in the shoes is the most laid-back program. And we love it! In addition, there are delicious and uncomplicated dishes and little things that do not make much effort and sometimes even in half sitting on the couch taste.

Whether you are planning a great brunch with friends or the Easter days totally relaxed in a jogging suit with your family Spends - delicious food is one of them. That's why I've put together 10 recipes that will make you happy on Easter.

Have it tasty

Herb eggs in a glass with crispy Toast Sticks

Super simple and super delicious: The eggs are boiled briefly and then served in a glass decorative with lots of fresh herbs and crispy toast sticks for dipping. A great, spring-like eye-catcher that also makes kids fun.

Click here for the recipe. Herb Eggs in Glass |

Easy-peasy 20-minute oatmeal bread with buttermilk

This home-baked bread is so easy and fast that you can smooth it out before breakfast Oven can be. Then, when the smell of delicious, warm bread pulls through the apartment, tomorrow mumbling family members are guaranteed to scratch the breakfast table. Fantastic with some cool, salted butter!

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Easy-peasy 20-minute oatmeal bread

Herb Scones with Lemon Butter

There may be some more delicious, fragrant bread? Then try these herbal scones! Ruckizucki in the oven (and back out) bring great color and taste to your breakfast table or brunch buffet. And with the cool lemon butter they are just a poem!

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 Herbal Scones with Lemon Butter #recipe #gourmet guerrilla  Herb Scones with Lemon Butter

Spicy buckwheat crepe with salmon and rocket

Small hearty snack treats for the whole family: The crepe with buckwheat flour is made with delicious cream cheese, smoked salmon and rocket filled, rolled up and then cut into bite-sized pieces. With a Happs are in the mouth!

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Spicy buckwheat crepe with salmon, rocket and Parmesan  Spicy buckwheat crepe with salmon, rocket and Parmesan |

Power salad "Green Spirit" with edamame, mangetout, avocado, quinoa and pomegranate

This salad is like spring in a bowl: green, fresh, crisp, with delicious colorful splashes of color. The quinoa in the salad is filling up and sheep's cheese makes for a spicy twist. There is also a fast made balsamic dressing.The chickpeas are fried in advance in the pan and get through maple syrup and various other ingredients, the typical irresistible BBQ aroma with a hint of smoke. In addition there is a lot of fresh, green salad and a spicy dressing. Non-vegans will be totally weak. Get in!

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Smoked Ponderosa BBQ Salad Non Vegans Weak #vegan |  Smoky Ponderosa BBQ Salad, even non vegans become weak #vegan |

Hearty Greek baklava with feta cheese, tomatoes and fennel salad

You only know baklava in the dripping-sweet version ? Then you should definitely try this hearty Baklava! It is great to prepare and tastes hot or cold just wonderful. There is also a refreshing fennel salad (yes, trust yourself!). The delicious combination your Brunch guests have never tasted guaranteed. Compliments ahead!

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Hearty Greek baklava with feta cheese, tomatoes and fennel salad  Hearty Greek baklava with feta cheese, tomatoes and fennel salad |

Shakshouka - a Jewish family meal from the big pan

During my stay in Israel, I met Shakshouka - and was instantly in love. The spicy vegetarian dish with eggs in vegetable tomato sauce is prepared in a large pan, from which everyone then serve at table. Perfect as a hot dish for brunch - or simply for a relaxed family meal sometime whisking breakfast and dinner. Your loved ones will love it!

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Shakshouka - a fast and delicious Jewish family meal |

Fixer Bulgur Vegetable Salad with Melon and Feta ​​span>

In this tasty bulgur salad a lot of vegetables are hidden. Perfect for smaller family members with a tendency to refuse to eat vegetables. Served is the hearty salad with feta cheese and melon. And who wants to elicit the family or the guests an extra Ohhh, stands out with a cookie cutter heart or or trendy shapes from the melon. Love is in the salad ...

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Fixed bulgur and vegetable salad with melon and feta |

Greta's dazzling rhubarb tiramisu with egg liqueurs Amarettini

Ready for the sweet faction? More Easter in a bowl really does not work: rhubarb and eggnog come together in this incredibly delicious Tiramisu and cuddle with mascarpone and cream under a crispy layer of Amarettini. Not for the easy line - but so delicious that it's best to make two bowls directly. The first one is always empty too fast ...

Here's the recipe.

Greta's Delightful Rhubarb Tiramisu with Eggnog | Gretas rhubarb tiramisu with eggnog and amarettini |